Most Important Tools for a Homeowner

Most important tools for a homeowner

There are several must-have tools for homeowners. You probably have a hammer at home or pliers. However, there is a host of other tools that are having those makes life easier. You don’t want to be running now and then at your neighbor’s place to borrow one thing or another.


A screwdriver is one of the essential tools in a home. Whether it is a Phillips or flathead screwdriver, the tool saves so much time and resources especially when a socket gets loose. If a new homeowner, you can start out with a set of small, medium and large screwdrivers. With these, you will be in a good position to handle most tasks. Crews are common fasteners in your home. You will find them on your wall, fixtures, and fittings and so having a screwdriver is important.

Tape measure

Another indispensable tool in the home is a tape measure. With this tool, you can measure the quantities of materials. You eliminate the risk and embarrassment that comes with estimating. A tape measure accurately provides invaluable information when you want to buy a piece of furniture or any other equipment.

When taking the measurements, it is always best to do it more than once to make sure you have got it right.


Some individuals may claim to be good in determining whether something is level or not. Eyeballing comes with a lot of risks. A small mistake can make your work seem off-kilter, and your entire project may come out awfully.  This seemingly useless tool is at the top of every builder’s list of tools.  Therefore, also make it yours. Avoid the guesswork and get a level. It is only a small investment that will make your jobs perfect.

Tool bag

Having a tool bag makes transportation of tools so much easier. Tool bags are also appropriate for tool storage. Essentially, most of these bags are made of durable fabric ensuring that sharp tools do not damage them. Some of these bags have several pockets where you can store some of your most used tools for easier access. As a homeowner, you only need one tool bag as all your tools can fit in it.

Utility knife

Some of you may think that having a utility knife is not matter and that it will just lie around without any use. However, after owning one, you will discover that it has numerous uses. For example, your windows may be stuck and the knife would help scoop the paint off that is blocking it. Also, some equipment you purchase comes to great boxes. A utility knife will help you open them without any hustle.


A hammer is one of those tools that need no introduction. Almost every homeowner owns it, and it would practically be impossible to survive without one. A hammer will help you pound those nails into place, pull them off and act like a crowbar. If you are contracting some work in your home, having a new hammer apart from the one the workers have is important. It helps make work easier.


Just like a hammer, pliers are another piece of equipment that every home should have. With the pliers, you will hold things with a tight grip as you work on them. Pliers will also help you pull out nails or bend metal. Without this tool, it would be impossible to do certain tasks.

Wire stripper

A wire stripper cuts wires and scores the insulation. When it comes to electrical works, the tool is invaluable. With it, you get the right size of wires to use in different places within your home.

Power drill

With a power drill, your work becomes much easier, and your projects that seem large will move much quicker. The best thing about a power drill is that it adapts to every head of the screw. The power drill allows you to work with less muscle and at an improved speed. For those that often work with screws, you cannot afford to skimp on the power drill.


You cannot afford not having a flashlight in your home. Sometimes, you may need to change the bulb or do other works in the dark.  A flashlight will help you navigate cramped spaces where there is no light. Furthermore, flashlights are invaluable when lights go off, and you need to move around or locate some things.


A ladder helps you reach things that are high up, and you need to work on. Changing that light bulb or faulty fixtures will need a stable equipment to step on as you reach them. The ladder is the best candidate. Some activities that you do on a weekly basis such as cutting the hedge require that you have a ladder. At times, you also need to reach the attic, and a ladder will be quite important.

Broom and dustpan

A broom and dustpan are tools that you will need to clean your house.  With this set of tools, sweeping and scooping the debris is much easier. Furthermore, the broom and dustpan are just the perfect sizes for when you are doing your house chores. They eliminate the need for tedious bending, and so you can work comfortably. Having these tools as a homeowner saves you from so much strain that can cause back pains.

Socket set

For most of your DIY projects at home, a socket set is a must have. In the majority of the socket sets, there are about 40 pieces that will help you accomplish most of the tasks. Whether it is your workshop or at home, these set of tools will prove invaluable. Socket sets come with a bag or container for easier management and storage.

Buying a socket set eliminates the need to keep buying one socket after the other. The pack is also quite a money saver regardless of the type you chose.

Last word

As a homeowner, there are some tools that you are supposed to have. The provided list includes among the most common. However, you are free to choose those tools that fit you perfectly.

Philip Moffitt

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Alma Vaca (Shower Caddies INFO) - July 26, 2017

Totally agree that these are the must-have tools for homeowners. But for more advanced tools, outsourcing to an affordable contractor is the best for your time and money. Great post! 🙂


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