Generator Parts and Their Working Function

A generator is a common electrical product used in both home and office. It is generally a combination of a control system, circuit breaker, engine and an alternator fitted on a base. In addition to the above-specified generator parts, a generator also comes with fuel tank and sound attenuated canopies for reducing noise created during working. At times, jacket water heaters are added in combination to the above-specified sets to keep the water warm in a generator. Generally, generators need more time to get operated in cold temperature. The presence of a jacket water heater allows getting operated within a short period of time.

Today, many of the generator sets come up with extras like Automatic Transfer Switch and Automatic Mains Failure. Another extra feature that has been added commonly in a generator is the remote administration system. People can make use of 3G or GSM network for the functioning of remote administration system. There are different types of generators available in online stores which have these functionalities.

Price rate of a generator varies as per the quality of brand and the power of the product. Size varies from a small briefcase up to larger ones with big fuel tank and canopies. The needed size of a generator is chosen according to the purpose of application. For example, generators are used for camping purpose is basically small in size when compared to that of industrial use. Hence size of a generator is chosen according to its working function. To ensure backup, a big sized generator usually comes up with a small sized standby generator to meet the immediate needs.

Generally, a standby generator is meant to meet up the emergency needs. It generally works for a short period of time. Today, generator sets of both 1500 rpm and 300 rpm can be easily availed from any online store like Amazon for example. Those generator sets which run at 3000 rpm can even work up to eight hours a day. Chance of engine failure in a generator which runs at 3000 rpm (or even more) is higher when compared to that of others which run at 1500 rpm. Over strain on generator engine is the main factor that contributes for this trouble. Servicing of each product plays a great role in ensuring high performance of the generator. To get improved performance, be sure to do the servicing of generator at frequent time intervals.

  • Generator Control System

The Control system is a main part of each generator which performs a key role in its function. In earlier times, control system were an array of relays, gauges and switches. At present, control system of generator is in digital mode. This particular part of a generator is mainly responsible to monitor the whole process and function of a generator. Generally, engines of generators are equipped with sensors to give information about problems like oil pressure or other details. Any troubles during the working of generator can be thus noted with the help of these sensors provided by major brands.

Monitoring the input and output voltage and current plays a great role in enhancing its performance. Today, users can make use of sensors on engines to note down the voltage and current voltage output of a generator. Complexity of one generator may be entirely different from that of others. Working purpose and the time period of working are the two main factors that decide the complexity of power generators.

  • Alternator and Rotor

First the Alternator is one among the main generator parts that plays a key role in working process. This particular part is mainly responsible to produce power during its working. An engine inside the generator will turn the alternator to produce power for its operation.

Rotor and stator are the two main generator parts seen inside a generator. Rotor is the rotating machine placed outside the stator of an alternator. Current generated from iron core is then transmitted from generator to the needy products for their working. A generator is usually made up with three stators to generate three phase electricity. Most of the generators available in stores generally run with diesel fuel. Apart from diesel fuel, you can also get generators that run from petrol and gas. Petrol fueled generators are used in small sized products, whereas gas type generators are used in large type generators. To ensure the best result, feel free to select generators of high quality brands.

  • 10 Interesting Facts about 3 Phase Generators

What is behind those power machines? Here are some interesting facts to know:

  1. Mostly Used for Commercial Power Supply Purposes:

The 3 phase generator is mostly used in large commercial power stations. Most homes use one phase generators as sources of power. The 3 phase generators are usually larger than their one phase counterparts and are preferably used in manufacturing industries as reliable sources of power in case of power blackouts. Emerging power production trends have made it easier to have steadfast power backup sources that ensure maximum commercial productivity.

  1. Three Simultaneous Alternating Currents:

Most 3 phase generators use 3 alternating currents simultaneously from the same machine. This gives the 3 phase generator models an upper hand on the one phase generators in terms of providing a reliable power output. These generators are designed with complex features that allow the harmonious production of 3 alternating currents in the same piece of equipment. The three current phases are usually 120 degrees from each other.

  1. Electromagnetic Current:

The 3 phase generators are usually designed with an electromagnet that requires brushes to provide current to the wiring system. The wiring system more often than not consists of multifaceted cables that transmit the power to the electronic devices. It is important to note that some modern three phase generators are installed with technical power production systems that do not require the use of brushes to produce current. The modern brush-less three-phase generators are becoming popular as alternative power sources to many homes and industries.

  1. High Voltage Power Supply:

The 3 phase generators produce high voltage power output that can reach up to 12 kilowatts. This power output can be used to light up over twenty residential houses for three consecutive days without going off. It is for this reason that these generators are regarded as some of the most reliable power sources that are doing well in the market today. These generators can provide enough power for 12 hours of operation without stopping.

  1. Convertibility:

The current produced by the 3 phase generator can be converted to one phase power system by using special 3 phase converters that are available for sale at a number of stores and online shopping sites. The use of the 3 phase converters in providing one-phase currents has made the use of these generators to provide power to homes possible. Most people have installed these converters to their generator system as they look forward to having enough power for their home needs.

  1. Portability:

The 3 phase portable generators are becoming popular because of the ease on which they can be moved from one place to another. This has made it possible for people moving homes to have the much needed consistent power supply for their needs. With the portable 3 phase generator, you can easily move it to and from your workstation if any need arises.

  1. Less Fuel Consumption:

Most 3 phase generators use diesel or petrol to power their systems. These generators are known to use less energy in transforming these fossil fuels into electric power. By consuming less fuel, the 3 phase generators not only help in reducing global warming as a result of high carbon-related gas emissions but also help in reducing the cost of supplying power as you get to spend less for high Kilowatts.

  1. Easily Available Accessories:

The 3 phase generators have special accessories that are used hand in hand with the main generators in improving efficiency. These accessories are easily available and mainly include special load transfer panels, converter plug-in appliances and special fuel tanks that are designed to increase efficiency in power production.

  1. Consistency in Power Supply:

The 3 phase generators can be used for supplying power for a long period of time without the need of regular switching of knobs or buttons. This consistency in power supply plays a major role in increasing the number of people seeking the services of these power generators. A consistent power supply will ensure maximum productivity.

  1. Available in over 50 Models:

The 3 phase generators are easily available in major online shopping sites. There are over 50 models of these machines that are available at relatively low prices. The prices are designed to ensure that you get value for your money. The common models of the 3 phase generators include the portable Hitachi model and the Kohler 180kW 3 phase backup generator. All these models are designed to offer reliable power supply and solutions to emergency power needs.

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