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If you are just introduced to an oscillating tool, you probably do not know the must haves of the tool you should be buying. In every situation, there is a suited tool that would benefit you and even make your job comfortable to handle. Now, choosing the right tool for you will be time-consuming if you do not have a proper guide to follow. Hence, I will introduce you to the best oscillating tool buying guide.

In buying an oscillating tool, one must consider primarily the nature of the job you will use it to before jumping to the guide to buying what is suited for you.

If you are just going to use the oscillating tool occasionally, no need to dig deeper. Occasional uses of an oscillating tool do not require one to carefully consider the important aspects of buying the best oscillating tool. All you need to look out for is the following:

  • It must be useful or at least effective
  • It must be less pricey or whatever suits your taste

Regardless of the kind of oscillating tool you have, occasionally, you do not get to appreciate what is within. You will not know why you can’t live without the best oscillating tool ever. But if you are a DIYer, a craftsman, or works with jobs that necessarily pairs you up with an oscillating tool, you will be dying to know what requires an oscillating tool to be the best of all. So, here are the aforementioned must-haves of our best oscillating tool:

The convenience of a cordless oscillating tool is always a good thing. But the importance of a corded one prevails. In all tools, the disadvantage of buying a cordless one is the length of the battery life as compared to the corded tools. If your job is not a heavy one, maybe, a cordless oscillating tool will be more suited to you. But a constant draw job will require you more than two batteries or more before you can finish a job. A corded model is always preferred if you are going to use it long term. Even with the convenience, a cordless model can give, the corded model lasts longer. They may also have a difference in effectiveness since the lower the power of a battery gets, the less efficient the cordless model will become.


Oscillating tools with less power bog down when cutting or sanding, but so do the high power ones. The effort you will exert in pressing down the lower-amp models will give you the same result as that of the higher amps. The power of our oscillating tool does no major difference in the result of a work, so do not over focus on this one.


An oscillating angle is a distance of how far the accessory travels from side to side. A wide angled oscillating tool can be aggressive whereby allowing you to save some time and wrap up early because it offers you speed beyond compare. On the other hand, a narrow angled model will have more precision and control making it smoother for you to work on your job. Depending on what is convenient, consider the oscillating angle of your tool.


Regardless of the price of an oscillating tool, there is no gap between how they bring about results. The only factor you will decide on by looking at the amount is on how comfortable you will feel while working with your tool. Also, although not yet proven, we can assume that a high priced oscillating tool will last longer than the cheaper ones. It will, of course, be made with higher quality parts as compared to the cheaper ones.


The noise and vibration of an oscillating tool do not define how well it works. It simply indicates how expensive your tool is. The cheaper your oscillating tool is, the more vibration and noise it creates. No further effect as for your work done.


Since tools are often sold as a set, you might want to know if you are getting quality products for the sum of a whole. Your tool set might contain different price variations. As for your blades, you will need a quality one since blades are very pricey. If you don’t check well enough, you might get accessories that are not fair for what you paid.


  • WEIGHT is just a NUMBER

The weight of an oscillating tool also does not describe how powerful and precise it gets when doing a certain job. One must consider his own discretion and comfort when it comes to the weight of the oscillating tool. The best oscillating tool doesn’t come in shapes. It comes with what is perfectly suited for you. The weight you can handle is always what is best to buy. 


There will be other features that may be present from one tool to another. The important guide in buying the best oscillating tool is already cited above. Although it is not a key factor, other features that may be useful should also be taken into account. If you can buy a tool with an additional feature for the same price or an extra additional, why not put it to the test? Some oscillating tool comes with led lights; other comes with a unique roller that controls the depth of a cut. Whatever may be useful to the work you are dealing with, features are there to choose from.

 Final Verdict

Oscillating tools are very useful, and one of the noted most used multi-tool of all times. It is best to know how you are supposed to buy in accordance to what your situation calls for. Being a craftsman is made easy through the help of the oscillating tool, so this is the guide to the best oscillating tool. Hope it will help you in finding the right match for you.

Philip Moffitt

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