The Benefits of using Portable Generators

Portable Generators are pretty popular with people who live at outage-prone areas, as it provides emergency electricity to any home that needs temporary power. Ever since the potential of generators for portability has been explored, this innovation has helped a lot of people from those who love outdoor travels to places where electricity is usually interrupted.

The Benefits

The help and potential for portable generators are undeniable. That’s why they are very popular and still attract buyers every year. They help out during power outages, are flexible and transferrable, and can provide power in any place. With these, let us look at the various benefits offered by this powerful equipment.

The Benefits of using Portable Generators

  1. Efficient Power Backup

First up, they are excellent backup power providers. There are oftentimes cases when you’ll need that extra power to save a file, finish an errand, or for powering up some appliances. A number of things you can do with a generator is almost limitless, only bound to the number of digital devices you have at home and the power of your portable generator.

To know which appliances your generator can supply, simply look at the wattage of each appliance and check if it’s lower than the rated running output for the portable generator. You can connect multiple appliances to it but make sure to follow safety precautions first.

  1. Transferrable and Flexible

What makes portable generators so enamoring is its portability. You can bring it to different areas around the house without it being stuck at one place only. This certain flexibility is a feature that has immensely increased usability as it can be operated at places where the appliance can’t be moved immediately.

There are a usually a lot of outlets where you may connect your appliances and devices to the generator. This makes sure you can connect anything you might need to use in such situations.

Also, as portable generators are portable, do keep in mind that all generators shouldn’t be used indoors as it may cause safety hazards for anyone nearby and that it emits toxic gas so it should be kept away from places near people.

  1. Outdoor Companion

If you’re an adventurer who tends to go on outdoor or camping trips every now and then, backing up with an emergency power supply may cross your mind. It would have been impossible if portable generators were not here. But this is not the case.

There are also other cases where generators play an important role in providing power such as construction sites where there are limitations in power supplies. Having this is an immense asset that helps work get done safely, properly, and efficiently.

With the increasing innovations on portable generator design and technology, new models are coming out that’s quieter, fuel-efficient, and lighter. This makes its transportability shine more as it becomes easier to bring along on any trip where you may need the backup power supply.

  1. Easy to Use

Another benefit for using portable generators is that they are relatively easy to use. Their operation is simple and will only require a bit of reading from the manual to use properly. The fuel used is also easy to find as well. Most portable generators run on propane, but there are tri-fuel types that can use gasoline, natural gas, and propane, for a more flexible range of options.

If you feel that power outages would last longer than expected, just refuel and the portable generator would do its work without fail. As simple as it is, all you need is the generator, its fuel supply, and the appliances you’ll be connecting it with.

  1. May Save You in a Pinch

There are also instances where portable generators help out in certain emergencies where power is immediately needed. In places where there are natural calamities, having emergency power readily available can help power up radios for warnings or as backup power for prolonged periods of power outages.

There are also places where there is extreme heat or cold, making electricity a necessity in keeping warm or cool. Not everyone can adjust to the sudden exposure to extreme temperature and may react to it. This makes portable generators helpful as it provides emergency power to retain appliances that help retain safe temperatures.

Portable Generators, an Asset

It’s clear that having a portable generator provides a lot of benefits. It’s definitely an asset having one around especially if you live in a power outage-prone area. It gives temporary power for emergencies and helps you clear up any necessary tasks before letting power get cut off. They’re also great camping companions and are life-savers in emergency situations.

With these benefits, however, always be sure to follow the instructions on safety, proper use, and maintenance so that your time with the generator would be smooth, efficient, convenient, and problem-free.

Philip Moffitt

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kyle johnson - May 1, 2017

Now that summer is coming up, we are getting ready for a lot of camping trips. Thank you for explaining how portable generators can help you to provide you with power in any place you need it. I hope this article can help us to know how to avoid being stranded without a GPS when we go out into the middle of the woods.

Violette Lebrac - August 24, 2017

My husband wants to take our family camping for a couple of weeks this summer. I’m glad you mentioned how a portable generator might be a good idea to take camping. If we brought one, then we could have an emergency power supply and we could use it to charge our devices while we’re in the woods.

Kyle Wayne - September 8, 2017

I like that you mention a portable generator is a great outdoors companion. My brother is a huge outdoors-man and has been looking for a way to really “amp” up his time out in the wilderness. I’ll have to encourage him to look into buying a professional generator to help him do that.


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