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Generator Parts and Their Working Function

A generator is a common electrical product used in both home and office. It is generally a combination of a control system, circuit breaker, engine and an alternator fitted on a base. In addition to the above-specified generator parts, a generator also comes with fuel tank and sound attenuated canopies for reducing noise created during working. At times, jacket water heaters are added in combination to the above-specified sets to keep the water warm in a generator. Generally, generators need more time to get operated in cold temperature. The presence of a jacket water heater allows getting operated within a short period of time.

Today, many of the generator sets come up with extras like Automatic Transfer Switch and Automatic Mains Failure. Another extra feature that has been added commonly in a generator is the remote administration system. People can make use of 3G or GSM network for the functioning of remote administration system. There are different types of generators available in online stores which have these functionalities.

  • Choose Generator Size

Price rate of a generator varies as per the quality of brand and the power of the product. Size varies from a small briefcase up to larger ones with big fuel tank and canopies. The needed size of a generator is chosen according to the purpose of application. For example, generators are used for camping purpose is basically small in size when compared to that of industrial use. Hence size of a generator is chosen according to its working function. To ensure backup, a big sized generator usually comes up with a small sized standby generator to meet the immediate needs.

Generally, a standby generator is meant to meet up the emergency needs. It generally works for a short period of time. Today, generator sets of both 1500 rpm and 300 rpm can be easily availed from any online store like Amazon for example. Those generator sets which run at 3000 rpm can even work up to eight hours a day. Chance of engine failure in a generator which runs at 3000 rpm (or even more) is higher when compared to that of others which run at 1500 rpm. Over strain on generator engine is the main factor that contributes for this trouble. Servicing of each product plays a great role in ensuring high performance of the generator. To get improved performance, be sure to do the servicing of generator at frequent time intervals.

  • Generator Control System

The Control system is a main part of each generator which performs a key role in its function. In earlier times, control system were an array of relays, gauges and switches. At present, control system of generator is in digital mode. This particular part of a generator is mainly responsible to monitor the whole process and function of a generator. Generally, engines of generators are equipped with sensors to give information about problems like oil pressure or other details. Any troubles during the working of generator can be thus noted with the help of these sensors provided by major brands.

Monitoring the input and output voltage and current plays a great role in enhancing its performance. Today, users can make use of sensors on engines to note down the voltage and current voltage output of a generator. Complexity of one generator may be entirely different from that of others. Working purpose and the time period of working are the two main factors that decide the complexity of power generators.

  • Alternator and Rotor

First the Alternator is one among the main generator parts that plays a key role in working process. This particular part is mainly responsible to produce power during its working. An engine inside the generator will turn the alternator to produce power for its operation.

Rotor and stator are the two main generator parts seen inside a generator. Rotor is the rotating machine placed outside the stator of an alternator. Current generated from iron core is then transmitted from generator to the needy products for their working. A generator is usually made up with three stators to generate three phase electricity. Most of the generators available in stores generally run with diesel fuel. Apart from diesel fuel, you can also get generators that run from petrol and gas. Petrol fueled generators are used in small sized products, whereas gas type generators are used in large type generators. To ensure the best result, feel free to select generators of high quality brands.

  • 10 Interesting Facts about 3 Phase Generators

What is behind those power machines? Here are some interesting facts to know:

  1. Mostly Used for Commercial Power Supply Purposes:

The 3 phase generator is mostly used in large commercial power stations. Most homes use one phase generators as sources of power. The 3 phase generators are usually larger than their one phase counterparts and are preferably used in manufacturing industries as reliable sources of power in case of power blackouts. Emerging power production trends have made it easier to have steadfast power backup sources that ensure maximum commercial productivity.

  1. Three Simultaneous Alternating Currents:

Most 3 phase generators use 3 alternating currents simultaneously from the same machine. This gives the 3 phase generator models an upper hand on the one phase generators in terms of providing a reliable power output. These generators are designed with complex features that allow the harmonious production of 3 alternating currents in the same piece of equipment. The three current phases are usually 120 degrees from each other.

  1. Electromagnetic Current:

The 3 phase generators are usually designed with an electromagnet that requires brushes to provide current to the wiring system. The wiring system more often than not consists of multifaceted cables that transmit the power to the electronic devices. It is important to note that some modern three phase generators are installed with technical power production systems that do not require the use of brushes to produce current. The modern brush-less three-phase generators are becoming popular as alternative power sources to many homes and industries.

  1. High Voltage Power Supply:

The 3 phase generators produce high voltage power output that can reach up to 12 kilowatts. This power output can be used to light up over twenty residential houses for three consecutive days without going off. It is for this reason that these generators are regarded as some of the most reliable power sources that are doing well in the market today. These generators can provide enough power for 12 hours of operation without stopping.

  1. Convertibility:

The current produced by the 3 phase generator can be converted to one phase power system by using special 3 phase converters that are available for sale at a number of stores and online shopping sites. The use of the 3 phase converters in providing one-phase currents has made the use of these generators to provide power to homes possible. Most people have installed these converters to their generator system as they look forward to having enough power for their home needs.

  1. Portability:

The 3 phase portable generators are becoming popular because of the ease on which they can be moved from one place to another. This has made it possible for people moving homes to have the much needed consistent power supply for their needs. With the portable 3 phase generator, you can easily move it to and from your workstation if any need arises.

  1. Less Fuel Consumption:

Most 3 phase generators use diesel or petrol to power their systems. These generators are known to use less energy in transforming these fossil fuels into electric power. By consuming less fuel, the 3 phase generators not only help in reducing global warming as a result of high carbon-related gas emissions but also help in reducing the cost of supplying power as you get to spend less for high Kilowatts.

  1. Easily Available Accessories:

The 3 phase generators have special accessories that are used hand in hand with the main generators in improving efficiency. These accessories are easily available and mainly include special load transfer panels, converter plug-in appliances and special fuel tanks that are designed to increase efficiency in power production.

  1. Consistency in Power Supply:

The 3 phase generators can be used for supplying power for a long period of time without the need of regular switching of knobs or buttons. This consistency in power supply plays a major role in increasing the number of people seeking the services of these power generators. A consistent power supply will ensure maximum productivity.

  1. Available in over 50 Models:

The 3 phase generators are easily available in major online shopping sites. There are over 50 models of these machines that are available at relatively low prices. The prices are designed to ensure that you get value for your money. The common models of the 3 phase generators include the portable Hitachi model and the Kohler 180kW 3 phase backup generator. All these models are designed to offer reliable power supply and solutions to emergency power needs.

Best Oscillating Tool Buying Guide


If you are just introduced to an oscillating tool, you probably do not know the must haves of the tool you should be buying. In every situation, there is a suited tool that would benefit you and even make your job comfortable to handle. Now, choosing the right tool for you will be time-consuming if you do not have a proper guide to follow. Hence, I will introduce you to the best oscillating tool buying guide.

In buying an oscillating tool, one must consider primarily the nature of the job you will use it to before jumping to the guide to buying what is suited for you.

If you are just going to use the oscillating tool occasionally, no need to dig deeper. Occasional uses of an oscillating tool do not require one to carefully consider the important aspects of buying the best oscillating tool. All you need to look out for is the following:

  • It must be useful or at least effective
  • It must be less pricey or whatever suits your taste

Regardless of the kind of oscillating tool you have, occasionally, you do not get to appreciate what is within. You will not know why you can’t live without the best oscillating tool ever. But if you are a DIYer, a craftsman, or works with jobs that necessarily pairs you up with an oscillating tool, you will be dying to know what requires an oscillating tool to be the best of all. So, here are the aforementioned must-haves of our best oscillating tool:

  • CORDED is better than CORDLESS

The convenience of a cordless oscillating tool is always a good thing. But the importance of a corded one prevails. In all tools, the disadvantage of buying a cordless one is the length of the battery life as compared to the corded tools. If your job is not a heavy one, maybe, a cordless oscillating tool will be more suited to you. But a constant draw job will require you more than two batteries or more before you can finish a job. A corded model is always preferred if you are going to use it long term. Even with the convenience, a cordless model can give, the corded model lasts longer. They may also have a difference in effectiveness since the lower the power of a battery gets, the less efficient the cordless model will become.


Oscillating tools with less power bog down when cutting or sanding, but so do the high power ones. The effort you will exert in pressing down the lower-amp models will give you the same result as that of the higher amps. The power of our oscillating tool does no major difference in the result of a work, so do not over focus on this one.


An oscillating angle is a distance of how far the accessory travels from side to side. A wide angled oscillating tool can be aggressive whereby allowing you to save some time and wrap up early because it offers you speed beyond compare. On the other hand, a narrow angled model will have more precision and control making it smoother for you to work on your job. Depending on what is convenient, consider the oscillating angle of your tool.


Regardless of the price of an oscillating tool, there is no gap between how they bring about results. The only factor you will decide on by looking at the amount is on how comfortable you will feel while working with your tool. Also, although not yet proven, we can assume that a high priced oscillating tool will last longer than the cheaper ones. It will, of course, be made with higher quality parts as compared to the cheaper ones.


The noise and vibration of an oscillating tool do not define how well it works. It simply indicates how expensive your tool is. The cheaper your oscillating tool is, the more vibration and noise it creates. No further effect as for your work done.


Since tools are often sold as a set, you might want to know if you are getting quality products for the sum of a whole. Your tool set might contain different price variations. As for your blades, you will need a quality one since blades are very pricey. If you don’t check well enough, you might get accessories that are not fair for what you paid.


  • WEIGHT is just a NUMBER

The weight of an oscillating tool also does not describe how powerful and precise it gets when doing a certain job. One must consider his own discretion and comfort when it comes to the weight of the oscillating tool. The best oscillating tool doesn’t come in shapes. It comes with what is perfectly suited for you. The weight you can handle is always what is best to buy. 


There will be other features that may be present from one tool to another. The important guide in buying the best oscillating tool is already cited above. Although it is not a key factor, other features that may be useful should also be taken into account. If you can buy a tool with an additional feature for the same price or an extra additional, why not put it to the test? Some oscillating tool comes with led lights; other comes with a unique roller that controls the depth of a cut. Whatever may be useful to the work you are dealing with, features are there to choose from.

 Final Verdict

Oscillating tools are very useful, and one of the noted most used multi-tool of all times. It is best to know how you are supposed to buy in accordance to what your situation calls for. Being a craftsman is made easy through the help of the oscillating tool, so this is the guide to the best oscillating tool. Hope it will help you in finding the right match for you.

Tips to Choose the Safety Shoes to Work Effectively with Power Tools

When working with power equipment, safety shoes are just as important as the rest of your gear. Without a pair of comfortable, safe shoes, the chances of injuring your feet get heightened. These types of shoes also give rise to foot ailments like calluses, corns, bunions, hammertoes, etc. So what are the tips to choose the safety shoes to prevent such conditions and protect the feet from accidents?

We’ve listed all the important factors that you need to take into consideration when buying safety footwear. These are the features that go a long way in safeguarding your feet from potential injuries that are a part of your work environment.

Tips to Choose the Safety Shoes

Safety shoes have become a favorite category over the past few years. Many shoe brands are manufacturing all types of safety footwear. These are work boots that offer complete protection against sharp, heavy objects. They are responsible for keeping your feet comfortable during long hours of work.

So what are the tips to choose the safety shoes? There are a few factors that you should take into account before buying safety footwear. It’s important that these shoes meet all the required safety standards. Only then will they be able to offer that kind of foot protection in dangerous work environments.

  1. Safety features

safety shoes for chainsaw

Handling power tools present its list of work hazards. And if you want to protect your feet from such risks, then it’s not only important but also necessary to look for safety components. These include metatarsal guards, puncture resistant outsoles, and safety composite or steel toe caps.

Also, the construction of the shoes is also another important factor. High-quality materials go a long way in protecting the feet against sharp metal, electrical hazards, chemicals, and heavy objects.

  1. Work specific footwear

When you decide to buy work boots, please make it a point to purchase shoes specifically designed for your job. You need to buy protective footwear built to withstand rough use and harsh conditions. These types of shoes not only provide protection but also offer the perfect fit to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

  1. Unique outsoles

This is one of the best tips to choose the safety shoes. The thing about such footwear is that it comes with unique outsoles. These are the slip and puncture resistant. And they also provide complete protection from electrical shocks and heat.

  1. Leather Uppers

The uppers of work boots are usually constructed with leather material. And this is often accompanied by a lining with excellent moisture wicking properties. Such a feature is useful for keeping the feet dry while also preventing the formation of corns and blisters.

  1. Stability

When it comes to finding out the most valuable tips to choose the safety shoes, this is it. Stability in protective footwear comes in the form of flat soles. These are paired with a broad base to offer the much-needed stability even on rough surfaces.

  1. Complete foot coverage

Safety boots tend to cover the length of your entire foot with a puncture resistant material. You should also know that if you opt for high-top work boots, then it’s important to test the laces. A good lace closure does an excellent job at securing your heel in a firm yet comfortable manner.

  1. Wide enough toe box

Moving your toes inside the toe box not only feels comfortable but also offers tons of flexibility. And if you wear a pair of shoes that don’t allow this to happen, then you’re in for some trouble. You should be able to wiggle the toes without feeling any pressure.

The best way to go about this is to try on the safety boots at night. This is when our feet tend to expand. So you can buy a pair of properly fitting shoes.

  1. Maximum foot support

What are the most useful tips to choose the safety shoes? Buying footwear that comes with a stable heel. This particular characteristic provides the much-needed ankle stability. And when paired with a snug fit, it offers maximum support as well.

Along with ankle stability, arch support is also essential. And there’s nothing better to provide that than puncture resistant outsoles and a wedge bottom design.

  1. Shock absorption

When buying protective footwear, it’s important to know that it comes with shock-absorbent insoles. The footbed of these types of shoes has abundant cushioning. This particular feature makes walking and standing on hard surfaces easier, even if it’s for longer hours.

More often than not, such insoles are removable. So it’s easy to clean them as well as replace them once they wear out. You should know that shock absorption is responsible for protecting your feet in the most efficient manner.

  1. Comfort

Lastly, let’s discuss the comfort factor of safety shoes. If the pair of shoes that you select has all the characteristics mentioned above, then you know that they’re comfortable.

But the only thing that can ruin the whole experience is a long and difficult break-in period. So please make sure that the shoes are not extremely uncomfortable when you’re trying them on.

Youtube Video: The 3 best ways to choose the most reliable safety shoes:


Protective footwear is not an option for workers. And that’s because they work in all kinds of dangerous environments. So the chances of heavy objects falling or sharp metal penetrating are pretty high. Then there’s also the possibility of electrical shocks, chemical spilling, or working in extreme heat or cold.

Working in these types of conditions can take a toll on your feet. And wearing the wrong footwear might just aggravate the problem at hand. That is why you need safety shoes.

They do an excellent job of protecting your feet from injuries and avoiding the formation of foot ailments. Safety work boots make it possible for you to stand or walk for longer hours even on hard, unsteady, or rough surfaces.

So did you go through the entire article thoroughly? It’s important that you do if you want to pick the right pair of safety shoes for your precious feet.

Did you find the content useful and informative? Is there anything that we’ve failed to discuss in the article? Please let us know in the comments section below.

About the author:

Lamont Ly has written about all kinds of foot problems on his blog FootCareGuru He has also spent several years studying and discussing the many natural solutions for foot disorders and ailments. Relying only on medicines is something that Lamont Ly himself didn’t agree with even when he was affected by a severe foot condition. And that is exactly what he is here to share.




Understanding the Belt Sander

A belt sander has been proven to be a useful tool in shaping, polishing, and applying final touches on woodwork and other materials.

According to an article from Chicago Tribune, it is the perfect tool companion for people who work on construction sites, woodworkers, or simply for homeowners who have a strong passion for woodworks.

Aside from that, it is also one of the handiest tools a homeowner can have at home.

As you go along, you will understand the belt sander and its many uses in helping you make your job easier and fun.

Different Uses of a Belt Sander

Unknown to all is the different types of belt sander there are for various purposes. To properly use the tool, you must first know the task at hand and the best type of belt sander for a particular job. Know that choosing a wrong type of belt sander for a certain job can result in difficulty and inefficiency of the tool.

It is also important to consider comfort in using the tool. According to Fine Home Building, there is no perfect combination of a perfect belt sander. You can improvise different parts for different purposes but always keep in mind that comfort in using should always come first.

Belt sander has many uses, but its primary job is to polish and shape wood and other materials such as metals in a powerful and easy way. Listed below are some of the uses of a belt sander;

  • Flattening – it can flatten sturdy wood by softening the surface or removing extra wood or other materials to make the area flat.
  • Scribing – this is easier and most commonly done using a small, hand-held belt sander. Scribing or marking the wood for a later gauge for cutting.
  • Trimming or cutting – belt sander can also be used to trim those extra woodworks or to attain a certain size.
  • Rounding or Shaping – it can be utilized for turning a simple wood into a work of art. Shaping it to different shapes and sizes.
  • Polishing – to make the wood or metal achieve a smooth surface, this is also the finishing touches of every material for a smooth finish.
  • Sharpening of tools – you can use belt sanders to sharpen your tools or revive those dull metals you once have.

Different Types and Parts of Belt Sander

A belt sander is classified into two categories, the hand-held or the portable, and the fixed/stationary or also called the bench top, since the stationary belt sanders are often attached to a bench.

Belt sander has two major parts that are essential to its purpose, the sandpaper, and the belt. For handheld belt sander, it has the handle, motor, belt, and the sand paper. For the bench top, it has more complicated parts such as the work support, tracking knob, belt tension lever, bevel gauge, and sanding discs.

One of the most important parts of a belt sander is the sandpaper that is attached to the belt. The 2 most common types are the zirconia and the aluminum oxide.

According to the Family Handyman Site, the zirconia is the most preferred type of aluminum oxide among users because of its strong and aggressive nature that is suitable for coursing and shaping.

Although aluminum oxide is also a good choice, the use of belt sander is mainly for polishing and finishing. Moreover, it is cheaper than zirconia.

The belt is another important part that comes in different sizes, power, and functions. You can either choose between 80 – 120 – grit for a powerful finer sanding. In size, there are 3-inches wide belts. There are also some machines with wide and narrow belts for different purposes and for bigger wood materials. Choices can vary from 3×18, 3×21 to a larger 3×24 – inch belt size.

Another important part of a belt sander is the dust bag. Although not all have this, it is important to look for a belt sander with an attached dust bag inside. Not only would it make your job easier in cleaning the aftermath of sanding, but it will also prevent dust everywhere. This prevents the possibility of inhaling it or getting it into your eyes.

How to Maintain Your Belt Sander?

Belt sanders are easy to maintain. Just clean the belt after every use by a belt cleaning stick. This will remove wood that has build-up during sanding. If you’re using a belt sander with dust bag, don’t forget to regularly check your dust bag, see if there’s any clogging or better yet, buy a spare.

Because of all the important things you can use it for, it is important to care for your belt sander at home.

Wrap Up

A belt sander is just one of the powerful tools you can keep at home. This device can help you with a lot of your daily tasks and hobbies, more than you can imagine.

Remember to keep in mind that to use the tool effectively, you have to fully understand it so you can use it to its full potential and always remember to keep safety as your number 1 priority.

If you’re planning to purchase or check out some belt sanders that is available in the market, you might want to check a buying guide review to find out which brand of belt sander to buy.

Author Bio: Anthony is a Home Improvement DIYer, who is interested in different projects of Home Improvement. He blogs at Equipment Area, where he shares tips, guides and reviews of different tools around the house.


Most Important Tools for a Homeowner

Most important tools for a homeowner

There are several must-have tools for homeowners. You probably have a hammer at home or pliers. However, there is a host of other tools that are having those makes life easier. You don’t want to be running now and then at your neighbor’s place to borrow one thing or another.


A screwdriver is one of the essential tools in a home. Whether it is a Phillips or flathead screwdriver, the tool saves so much time and resources especially when a socket gets loose. If a new homeowner, you can start out with a set of small, medium and large screwdrivers. With these, you will be in a good position to handle most tasks. Crews are common fasteners in your home. You will find them on your wall, fixtures, and fittings and so having a screwdriver is important.

Tape measure

Another indispensable tool in the home is a tape measure. With this tool, you can measure the quantities of materials. You eliminate the risk and embarrassment that comes with estimating. A tape measure accurately provides invaluable information when you want to buy a piece of furniture or any other equipment.

When taking the measurements, it is always best to do it more than once to make sure you have got it right.


Some individuals may claim to be good in determining whether something is level or not. Eyeballing comes with a lot of risks. A small mistake can make your work seem off-kilter, and your entire project may come out awfully.  This seemingly useless tool is at the top of every builder’s list of tools.  Therefore, also make it yours. Avoid the guesswork and get a level. It is only a small investment that will make your jobs perfect.

Tool bag

Having a tool bag makes transportation of tools so much easier. Tool bags are also appropriate for tool storage. Essentially, most of these bags are made of durable fabric ensuring that sharp tools do not damage them. Some of these bags have several pockets where you can store some of your most used tools for easier access. As a homeowner, you only need one tool bag as all your tools can fit in it.

Utility knife

Some of you may think that having a utility knife is not matter and that it will just lie around without any use. However, after owning one, you will discover that it has numerous uses. For example, your windows may be stuck and the knife would help scoop the paint off that is blocking it. Also, some equipment you purchase comes to great boxes. A utility knife will help you open them without any hustle.


A hammer is one of those tools that need no introduction. Almost every homeowner owns it, and it would practically be impossible to survive without one. A hammer will help you pound those nails into place, pull them off and act like a crowbar. If you are contracting some work in your home, having a new hammer apart from the one the workers have is important. It helps make work easier.


Just like a hammer, pliers are another piece of equipment that every home should have. With the pliers, you will hold things with a tight grip as you work on them. Pliers will also help you pull out nails or bend metal. Without this tool, it would be impossible to do certain tasks.

Wire stripper

A wire stripper cuts wires and scores the insulation. When it comes to electrical works, the tool is invaluable. With it, you get the right size of wires to use in different places within your home.

Power drill

With a power drill, your work becomes much easier, and your projects that seem large will move much quicker. The best thing about a power drill is that it adapts to every head of the screw. The power drill allows you to work with less muscle and at an improved speed. For those that often work with screws, you cannot afford to skimp on the power drill.


You cannot afford not having a flashlight in your home. Sometimes, you may need to change the bulb or do other works in the dark.  A flashlight will help you navigate cramped spaces where there is no light. Furthermore, flashlights are invaluable when lights go off, and you need to move around or locate some things.


A ladder helps you reach things that are high up, and you need to work on. Changing that light bulb or faulty fixtures will need a stable equipment to step on as you reach them. The ladder is the best candidate. Some activities that you do on a weekly basis such as cutting the hedge require that you have a ladder. At times, you also need to reach the attic, and a ladder will be quite important.

Broom and dustpan

A broom and dustpan are tools that you will need to clean your house.  With this set of tools, sweeping and scooping the debris is much easier. Furthermore, the broom and dustpan are just the perfect sizes for when you are doing your house chores. They eliminate the need for tedious bending, and so you can work comfortably. Having these tools as a homeowner saves you from so much strain that can cause back pains.

Socket set

For most of your DIY projects at home, a socket set is a must have. In the majority of the socket sets, there are about 40 pieces that will help you accomplish most of the tasks. Whether it is your workshop or at home, these set of tools will prove invaluable. Socket sets come with a bag or container for easier management and storage.

Buying a socket set eliminates the need to keep buying one socket after the other. The pack is also quite a money saver regardless of the type you chose.

Last word

As a homeowner, there are some tools that you are supposed to have. The provided list includes among the most common. However, you are free to choose those tools that fit you perfectly.

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